The Seychelles

The Seychelles, the name is an invitation to travel. One of the last sanctuaries in the world, the Seychelles deserve to be compared to the original Garden of Eden.

The Indian Ocean and especially the Seychelles fascinate with its never ending white-sand beaches, pleasant climate all year round, turquoise waters and beautiful islands.

Combinated to a heavenly nature with untouched forests, bird sanctuaries, protected fauna with unique species, fishing grounds and unique diving spots, the Seychelles are the materialization of any yachtsman’s fantasy.

The Secret of Success

Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Seychelles archipelago includes more than 100 islands, most of them uninhabited.

While the islands are mostly coral atolls, the majority of the inner islands, including the three main Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, are geological wonders, made up of granitic massifs.

The Seychelles are therefore a land and nautical paradise.

The natural reserves represent half of Seychelles territory, sheltering rare birds, giant turtles …. These natural wonders make the Seychelles a unique sailing destination.

Creole culture, shops, local markets, the kindness and smile of the Seychelles people are all reasons to come in this archipelago, for an unforgettable adventure.