The Seychelles, the name is an invitation to travel. One of the last sanctuaries in the world, the Seychelles deserve to be compared to the original Garden of Eden.

Due to the difficulties of access and its geographical isolation, Aldabra has been preserved from human influence,  becoming the observatory of an ecosystem unique in the world and considered as the jewel of the Seychelles.

Largest elevated atoll in the world, surrounded by a coral reef, Aldabra includes four large islands: Picard, Polymnie, Malabar and Grande Terre,  separated by 4 passes , connecting the lagoon to the Indian Ocean and offering a magnificent spectacle of natural phenomena.

Aldabra is the home to the largest population of giant turtles, as well as large colonies of birds, real sanctuary on land, ocean and air.

Aldabra’s coral reef and remarkable geology make this unusual destination a true paradise for sailors, divers and nature lovers.