The Amirantes Islands

The Seychelles, the name is an invitation to travel. One of the last sanctuaries in the world, the Seychelles deserve to be compared to the original Garden of Eden.

Located 120 nautical miles South-West of Mahé, the Amirantes are part of the outer island groups  of the Seychelles.

The Amirantes, flat and virgin coral islands, paradise of birds and palm trees, are the selected destination for nature, diving and fishing lovers .

Although there is no cyclone in Seychelles, Les Amirantes is only accessible from October to May.

Sailing to these islands awakens your imagination …

African Bank, uninhabited island, is considered by many fishermen and divers as  an exceptional place for the splendor of its seabed.

Arros and St Joseph, since 2014, the islands are classified as a national park “special reserve of Arros and Saint-Joseph”.

The Saint-Joseph atoll, the largest of the Amirantes, has become a special reserve to preserve its unique biodiversity.

Desroches is the largest island of Amirantes, also the most populous, with its 60 inhabitants, a hotel, a diving and fishing center.

Its lagoon, classified as one of the most beautiful in the Seychelles,  makes it a prestigious destination for diving.

Poivre, its atoll is the second largest lagoon in the Amirantes with its 16 sqm of corals, the island is  world famous for the practice of fly fishing.